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As we approach the end of FY 2016-17, let us reflect on the various developments and events that have had a significant impact on the bank as well as the banking industry in general. The bold move on demonetization by the Prime Minister had taken the nation by surprise but unlike some parts of the country where we witnessed some chaotic moments, Mizoram was a sea of calm, devoid of the frenzy and paranoia that gripped most of the nation for quite a few days after the announcement. Credit goes to the people of Mizoram for displaying a calm, mature approach to the Central Government’s initiative to curb black money.

In adhering to the Government’s directive on establishing a cashless economy, the bank has now introduced e-commerce facility for its customers making it possible to make online purchases and payments using the Bank’s Rupay Debit-cum-ATM card. The bank has also appointed Bank Mitras, thereby providing banking service to rural locations which previously had no access to banking facilities. As of now, three CSPs are operating making use of micro-ATM devices to deliver banking services. Incidentally, the bank has the highest number of MNREGA accounts, more than all other banks combined, within Mizoram. We have added two more new branches at Sesawng and Mission Vengthlang with two more branches to be opened in February this year. The Bank reiterates its commitment to reduce NPA and to provide a window to all loan defaulters by way of compromise settlements. The bank is the second largest lender in the State after SBI and will strive to continue providing improved financial services to farmers, entrepreneurs, craftsmen and salaried personnel.

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